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Friction Killers

Friction Killers is a Texas Corporation supplying a wide range of high-performance products committed to reduce maintenance cost and improve productivity and reliability.

Friction Killers

One-third of all the energy produced worldwide is wasted in Friction. Overcome Friction is a big and important deal for Engineers all over the world.

Friction Killers

The science that takes care of the study of Friction, Wear, and above all to reduce maintenance cost through a smart Lubrication program is called TRIBOLOGY.

The products supplied include:

Advanced synthetic greases & oils for tough applications in all kind of industries.

Why Synthetics?


Mainly because Synthetic lubricants decrease the Friction and Wear in a more effective way tan Petroleum Lubricants, increasing Equipment Reliability and at the end of the day it gives you savings (Millions of Dollars) despite being more expensive by the pound.



Another source of savings with synthetic oils is energy consumption, due to its even molecular structure they make the machinery operation smoother. Depending on the machinery, the savings in energy could range from 1% to 15% with an average of 7.5%, this is big money over the year.



Synthetic Industrial Oils


Air Compressor Oils

In almost all industrial plants compressed air is needed as a source of energy. The physical process of compressing the air causes an increase in temperature and density. In this thermodynamical process a lot of water is condensed. The challenge for air compressed oils is withstand constant high temperatures and constant water contamination. Typically, in this application a synthetic Oil last 10X longer than a mineral Oil. Also having a good package of demulsification (Oil-Water separation) additives is a most.


ISO-VG-46: Compressor Oil for Rotary equipment

ISO-VG-100: Compressor Oil for Reciprocating equipment.



Vacuum Pump Oils & High Temperature greases

This Oils have similar challenges as the compressor Oils plus the function to seal the circuit to achieve a better vaccum for the process. The use of special synthetic vacuum pump oils is escential to achieve good reliability in this piece of equipment. There are some vacuum pumps thet operate only with grease, this grease must be a special high temperatute grease, preferable with no drop point.



Pneumatic Air Tool & Hydraulic Oils

Our Synthetic Pneumatic Air Tool Oil sponge type absorbs humidity and gives you a dryer air in your production lines, you should avoid the use of other type of oils in this application since they form gummy residues in a short period of time.

Also, we have in stock Synthetic Hydraulic Oil for Heavy Duty Systems, available in several viscosity grades. Suitable for modern small hydraulic systems where heat is a concern for the life and good operation of the fluid.


Typical FRL (Filter, Regulator, Lubricator)

Hydraulic circuit, fluid under pressure gets hot


Gear & Circulation Oils

Synthetic multi-grade Gear Oil MoS2 fortified for all kind of gears, but especially for Heavy Duty worm-gears, available in all viscosity grades.

Synthetic Circulation Oil for all kind of systems, but especially for printing machines, available in all viscosity grades.



The worm gears have more sliding motion than other kind of gears, therefore more friction and wear, besides having non ferrous metals in the crown, makes undesirable to have oils with chemical EP additives, in this case solid additives as Moly (MoS2) and Teflon (PTFE) are premium.

Heat Transfer Oil

Synthetic non carbonizing Thermal Fluid (heat transfer oil) for closed loop systems in Heavy Duty applications for all kind of industries needing a low carbonizing Oil.



High Temperature Chain Oil

Special fluids for chains in a High Temperature environment in all kind of industries: conveyor ovens, tenter frames, electronic printing circuits ovens, bread ovens, UV chains. Synthetic no-carbonizing, self-Cleaning fluids, up to 550°F (275°C) available with solid additives, PTFE, MoS2 and Graphite.


Tenter Frame systems, used in: Textile Industry, fabric finishing. Plastics Industry, Polypropylene with biaxial orientation manufacturing.

Chains in high temperature environment Steel industry, Glass industry, etc.



Electronic Manufacturing Printed circuit boards Reflow oven

Automotive Industry Painting conveyors Powder coating line

Thermal fluid heating systems (Heat transfer oil)


Roller Chain Oil, Wire & Rope Oil

Non-Oily Synthetic fluids for roller chains in dusty environments.

High penetration Wire Rope Oil, easy application long life for all kinds of wire and ropes, especially for those in marine and dusty environments, gets into the core of the cable.



In Roller Chains and wire ropes the main part to be lubricated is the inner part. In chains the pins and bushings, in wire ropes is the very core of the rope. Here is where the real friction and wear occur.