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Friction Killers

Friction Killers is a Texas Corporation supplying a wide range of high-performance products committed to reduce maintenance cost and improve productivity and reliability.

Friction Killers

One-third of all the energy produced worldwide is wasted in Friction. Overcome Friction is a big and important deal for Engineers all over the world.

Friction Killers

The science that takes care of the study of Friction, Wear, and above all to reduce maintenance cost through a smart Lubrication program is called TRIBOLOGY.

The products supplied include:

Advanced synthetic greases & oils for tough applications in all kind of industries.

Synthetic Industrial Greases


What is a synthetic grease? A grease is made 80% to 90% of oil and 10% to 20% of thickener plus 1% to 5% additives. The grease is considered synthetic when its base oil is synthetic. The thickener could be any. There are several types of thickeners some compatible and some not. Also, not all the synthetic base oils are compatible. You must be careful when you mix different type of grease since some react and lead to mechanical failures.


B1. General purpose greases


777 Complex Lithium complex-based grease with a blend of synthetic fluids, compatible with the classic lithium EP-2 grease; so is the first step for an enhanced lubrication program. Attractive red color.

123 Inorganic + Non melting grease compounded from an exclusive package of quality fluids with an inorganic thickener.


B2.High temperature greases


Black Gold Graphite If you want to extend the lubrication periods with respect of your actual synthetic grease in high temperature applications this is the option; contains black anti-wear additives.


Red Gold Constant High Temperature grease made of high viscosity synthetic base fluids and an ashless inorganic thickener.



B2. High speed & Low temperature grease


Ultra High Speed Grease  High performance grease specifically formulated for ultra-high-speed bearings and low temperature applications. This high purity grease uses a low viscosity synthetic fluid to produce a dynamically light lubricating grease.


B3. Water & Contamination resistant greases


Moly Grease Is a highly stable, contamination resistant lubricant that has been fashioned for maximum multi-purpose performance in tough applications, with special additives including a friction reducing molybdenum disulfide MoS2 (Moly) package. 

Supreme Calcium Sulfonate Grease Provides inherent extreme pressure properties and unequaled protection against water, moisture, condensation, rust, and corrosion attacks. It has exceptional oxidation and mechanical stability. The high drop point assures superior protection at continuous, elevated temperatures.


B4. Electric motor grease


Electric Motor Grease Electrical motor manufacturers have found that the best greases for their products are the Polyurea thickened greases. Lately they have found that Calcium Sulfonate thickened greases are also extremely good. For his long life, high resistance to temperature, humidity, and chemical attacks, both, are also considered for hundreds of other applications. 


B5. Fluorinated Greases


PFPE-PTFE Greases  Are among the most stable inert grease known today. They are formulated with fluorinated perfluoropolyether (PFPE) fluids and Teflon (PTFE) thickener. These products provide safe and consistent high-performance lubrication in chemically aggressive and high temperature applications; suitable for pure O2 oxygen contact and vacuum.


B6. Special applications


Semi-Fluid Greases. Available in consistency, National Lubricating Grease Institute, NLGI-0, NLGI-00, and NLGI-000 developed for several applications such as Gear Boxes, Chains, thin lubrication lines, etc. these semi-fluid greases are specially developed to avoid mixing grease with oil where a soft grease is needed, mixing two different lubricants is a bad lubrication practice.