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Friction Killers

Friction Killers is a Texas Corporation supplying a wide range of high-performance products committed to reduce maintenance cost and improve productivity and reliability.

Friction Killers

One-third of all the energy produced worldwide is wasted in Friction. Overcome Friction is a big and important deal for Engineers all over the world.

Friction Killers

The science that takes care of the study of Friction, Wear, and above all to reduce maintenance cost through a smart Lubrication program is called TRIBOLOGY.

The products supplied include:

Food Grade & Biodegradable products



Due to the restricted use of chemicals and additives authorized by the NSF as H1 to be used in Food Grade lubricants, the ones with synthetic base fluid are the best to reduce the friction and wear in Industrial Machinery. Also, on the bacteria side, there is only mild bactericides authorized that have a marginal effect, again the ones with synthetic based fluids are the only ones that really prevents bacteria growth within the lubricants in the production sites.



A. Synthetic Food Grade Oils for all kind of applications in all the viscosity grades available, a must in the Food, Bottling and Pharmaceutical Industry.



FGO Food Grade Oils Food Grade Oils, for Gears, Hydraulic, Chains and all you can imagine. Available in all viscosity grades, also with PTFE additives in EP (Extreme Pressure) applications.

ISO-VG-68 For hydraulic and multipurpose applications.

ISO-VG-320-TEF with PTFE Teflon additive specially for worm gears.

ISO-VG-460 for extreme pressure applications available with PTFE Teflon additive.


A1. Synthetic Food Grade Oils for Air Compressors, Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum compressors, FRL (Filter Regulator, Lubricator) pneumatic applications.


ACO-FG Air Compressor Oils Food Grade.

ISO-VG-46 for rotary compressors.

ISO-VG-100 for reciprocating compressors.



ATO-FG Air Tool Oils FG, sponge type oil, for dryer air with no bacteria.

ISO-VG-32 Universal oil for FRL (Filter, Regulator, Lubricator) units in Pneumatic Systems Air Tool Oils FG, sponge type oil, for dryer air with no bacteria.



FG HT High Temperature Chain Oil, also available with graphite for bakeries.



B. Synthetic Food Grade Greases.


Food Grade Greases for all kind of Industrial Food Grade non-toxic applications including injectable areas in pharmaceuticals.



FGG-HD Synthetic Heavy-Duty grease with PTFE.



FGG Synthetic Food Grade Grease with no drop point.



FGG-WR Synthetic Water-Resistant Food Grade Grease.



FGG-Ultra Synthetic Calcium Sulfonate Extreme Pressure, High Temperature and Water Resistant Ultra-Performance Food Grade Grease.



Biodegradable & Bio-based Lubricants


Environmentally Attuned Lubricants, have a rapid degradation in contact with the Nature while at the same time reduce Friction and Wear in all Industrial Applications. We have Vegetable and Synthetic Ester Biodegradable Lubricants to fulfill your lubrication and environmental needs. Save the planet and have world class lubrication at the same time.

Bio-Oils: Hydraulic, Gears, Pneumatic, Wire-Rope, Air Tool & special applications.



Bio-Greases: All purpose, Heavy Duty, High Temperature & special applications.